Car Restoration & Dent Repairs in Berkshire

Bring your classic or historic vehicle to Specialised Paintwork for complete restoration services that also extend to modern prestige and top marque vehicles. By combining the traditional talents of experienced tradesmen with modern equipment and materials, we deliver an unrivalled restoration service that leaves your older model with that elusive showroom finish.
As part of our restoration services, we remove corrosion, undertake welding requirements and complete dent repairs in Berkshire. From there, our paint technicians use the latest Dupont / Spies Hecker paint system to refinish your vehicle in our outsized Nova-Verta low-bake oven facilities for perfect paintwork every time.

Traditional Workmanship

We are Specialised Paintwork, the prestige car experts who undertake restorations on all classic, historic and modern vehicles. Our business has the team, the equipment and the experience to breathe new life into any vehicle using a combination of traditional working practices and modern refinishing systems.
During a restoration project, we attend to any dent repairs using the expertise of qualified panel beaters with classic and historic car experience. From there, we use our dedicated low-bake oven facilities to refinish your vehicle perfectly in any combination of water-based or two-pack paint materials.

Historic, Classic & Modern Vehicles

Our position as top marque and prestige car specialists makes Specialised Paintwork the trusted choice for car restoration. We have the personnel, the experience and the facilities to undertake restoration work on all historic, classic and modern vehicle types for an outstanding finish that breathes new life into your favourite makes and models.

Our restoration services include using a combination of traditional and modern procedures delivered by time-served panel beating experts. After we complete the cosmetic repairs on your restoration project, we refinish the vehicle using the latest Dupont / Spies Hecker paint technology for perfect results every time.

Perfect Finishes Every Time

Specialised Paintwork is your independent local specialist for the restoration of historic, classic and modern vehicles. If you have a major restoration project that requires a combination of traditional repair skills and modern automotive refinishing, contact us today and let our team bring your favourite makes and models back to life.

Because we trade as prestige and top marque specialists, we undertake restorations and dent repairs on today’s and yesterday’s most sought-after vehicles. We combine the talents of experienced panel beaters and paint refinishing technicians to deliver unrivalled restoration work and perfect finishes every time.